Fear The Blue [School project]

About the game:
  • Oculus support
  • Based on kelpies myth
  • Single player puzzle game
  • Best played with controller

I’m rather proud of the results of this game. Mainly, because Fear the blue is an additional project to my original project that started two weeks earlier. I was asked to assist due to some problems in the original team. My contribution to this project has not been limited by the fact that I’ve never used Occulus Rift before nor did the tight planning.
My tasks(clickable links): Team:
  • 3 artists
  • 2 programmers
  • 2 mediamanagers
Language: C#
Engine: Unity3D

FTDConverter [Personal project]

About the program:
  • Converts UnityC# code to highlighted html
  • Simplified use with a GUI
  • Previews result with one button click

This was the first time I created a proper C++ application. This program scans a script and wraps keywords with HTML spans. I chose to write it in C++, because I see this as a crucial language. With this program, I learned how to use libraries, create Mac applications and create Windows installers. I have written out the process of creating an Mac application here and the Windows installer here
My tasks(clickable links): Team:
  • 1 developer
Library: GTK+3.0
IDE's: Atom, NSIS(Windows installer)
Language: C++

Punstoppable [W.I.P. Personal project]

About the game:
  • Multiplayer (3-7 players)

I have been wanting to make this game for quite some time, and now I am finally confident enough to actually start developing it. One person creates an online room on their computer and the players then join this room with the app on their phones. All connected players (3-7 players) get two prompts, which they will have to answer as funny as possible. When everybody has submitted their answers, the players chooses per prompt which answer they think is the funniest.
My tasks:
  • Networking
  • Userinterface
  • Responsiveness
  • 1 artist
  • 1 programmer
Language: C#
Engine: Unity3D

Websites [Personal project]

  • www.amybeemsterboer.com
  • www.jonathankievits.com
  • www.shirleyvansteenis.com

I helped these people create their online portfolios, because I like making websites and I really like helping people. I use Javascript to construct the content, which allows them to easily update their website without needing a lot of HTML knowledge.
  • 1 programmer
Languages: Ecmascript 2015+, PHP, CSS3, HTML5